Neurosurgery & Pain Specialists of the Carolinas

O. Del Curling, Jr., MD, MBA

Evaluation and Management of Cranial, Spinal, Peripheral Nerve, and Related Painful Conditions and Injuries



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Introductory Page

Introduction to the Practice

Dr. Del Curling is a neurosurgeon located in central North Carolina.  Dr. Curling has been in practice in NC since 1991 and has worked in the setting of several practice entities, including Carolina Neurosurgical Associates, Winston Neurological & Spinal Surgery Associates, Neurosurgical Evaluations of the Carolinas, and Preferred Pain Management & Spine Care, with previous offices in Winston Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte, New Bern, and Kernersville, NC.  Having undergone multiple neurosurgical spine procedures himself, Dr. Curling has elected in recent years to pursue a strictly office-based non-operative practice. In December of 2012, he elected to leave the pain clinic environment in which he was most recently practicing and return to a practice setting that would allow more time to focus on the evaluation of complex neurosurgical issues, while also continuing to maintain an active clinical practice focused on the treatment of painful neurosurgical and related conditions.  His goal is to fully evaluate individuals and then recommend and/or utilize a broad range of appropriate interventional and non-interventional modalities aimed at expeditiously helping his patients minimize their pain, recover from their injuries, and return to a more functional state.  Although many diagnostic and treatment options are available "in house" at Neurosurgery & Spine Specialists of the Carolinas, for those modalities not presently available, Dr. Curling will facilitate expeditious referral to the various providers with whom he maintains a close relationship to provide those additional services, having the patient return thereafter for continued coordination of care as appropriate.

As a "non-surgical Neurosurgeon", Dr. Curling is able to bring to bear the knowledge and experience of a well-trained neurosurgeon, but yet is able to devote the time and commitment that is often lacking in a busy neurosurgical practice to focus on complex brain and spine problems.  In addition to significant time spent on extensive personal review of records and studies, Dr. Curling typically devotes from one to two hours directly with new patients, in an effort to gather the necessary information to formulate an accurate diagnosis and to develop a plan of treatment to help individuals in their recovery from these injuries.  While many such injuries are best treated non-operatively, for patients who are deemed to be surgical candidates, Dr. Curling can assist with referral to another operating surgeon for such treatment.  In cases where surgical treatment is not indicated, Dr. Curling may also be available to assist with carrying out the recommended diagnostic and/or treatment modalities, and providing follow up as appropriate.  For most non-medicolegal cases, evaluation and treatment will usually be initiated at the time of the initial visit, if deemed appropriate.  For medicolegal cases (worker's comp, MVA, etc.), patients that are initially seen late in their course following injury are seen initially for evaluation only, usually to address various medicolegal issues related to their case.  However, for medicolegal patients seen early in their course (less than 6 months from date of injury), Dr. Curling will usually offer to coordinate further evaluation and management, if deemed appropriate.  Patients/claimants referred to Neurosurgery & Pain Specialists in the early weeks/months following an injury will receive the benefit of being seen early in their course by a knowledgeable and experienced neurosurgeon and begun thereafter on an expeditious course of recovery.  Dr. Curling will coordinate further evaluation and management as appropriate, with the goal being to help the injured individual move from injury to recovery and MMI as effectively and efficiently as possible.  The ability to be seen early in the course by a neurosurgeon and having a full spectrum of treatment services available allows Dr. Curling to carefully evaluate injured individuals and provide a tailored approach to assist them in recovery.  This approach is often far more expeditious than the all too frequent approach of having the patient wind their way over the course of months or years between multiple providers and multiple practices, with no single individual coordinating care or keeping an eye on the big picture.

Services available include:

Conditions frequently evaluated and treated include:

Dr. Curling's office is located in Winston Salem, NC, which is the most western of the three major cities making up the Triad area of central North Carolina (with High Point and Greensboro being the other two).  Of note, the major population center of Charlotte, located in the southwest portion of North Carolina, is approximately one and a half hours drive time from the Winston Salem office.  Asheville, located in the western mountains of North Carolina, is a little over 2 hours drive from the Winston Salem office.  The Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) is about 2 hours drive time east of Winston Salem.

Referrals to Dr. Curling are accepted from other physicians, attorneys, case managers, or insurance adjustors.  Patients may also contact us directly to determine the appropriate mechanism for obtaining a referral.  For accepted worker's compensation or other medicolegal cases, payment for services will usually be handled by the insurance carrier or attorney prior to the appointment.  For non-medicolegal cases, Dr. Curling does participate with and file claims for a limited number of major insurers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and BCBS. 


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